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Best English Medium School in kashipur

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The Touchwood School

The Touchwood School is an education institution which aims to centre for holistic and integral development epitomizing world class education for all its students. The Touchwood School believes in determination to work towards holistic and integral development of each student. It empowers students with the knowledge and skills to meet the complex demands of modern society as responsible individuals. At The Touchwood School, the goal .....

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Chairman's Desk

Top School in kashipur

Mr. Farooq Chaudhary

Often in life we associate the word `dreams’ with all that is unrealistic and unreal. But dreams have the ability to energies, to lift us up from boredom and propel us towards our goal.

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President's Desk

Best English Medium School in kashipur

Mr. Arif Chaudhary

The world that we live in today is changing every day. What is in vogue today is passé tomorrow. . It is, therefore, imperative that we adapt and change ourselves according to the times ,

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Director's Desk

Top School in kashipur

Mr. Wasif Chaudhary

The aim of education is to enlighten one’s mind so that one could have a broad mind as well as a broad outlook. Education presents the truth of life in a beautiful way for the well being of human race.

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Principal's Desk

Best English Medium School in kashipur

Mr. Kavish Siddiqui

“The only person who is educated is the one who has learned how to learn …and change”, so stated American psychologist Carl Rogers and today more than ever the aim of educationists is to teach students how to learn,

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Top English Medium School in kashipur


The Touchwood School aims to impart integrated & comprehensive education which is formative & not merely informative. It lays emphasis on development of student’s character & personality, which should lead them to face challenges successfully in life and be victorious in every sphere. Our school curriculum strikes a fair balance between knowledge, skills and attitude to enhance life skills among our students and ultimately through them to a larger world. With scholastic achievements our students have proved themselves in different professions like Medical, Engineering, Law, Finance, Business Administration etc.

Why to choose The Touchwood School?

The journey of such incredibly long years of The Touchwood School portray the blend of supreme intellect, innovation, research, distinctive collaboration and righteous assessments . At The Touchwood School, the goal has always been to groom the children at all levels so as to provide them equal opportunity to learn. Every student is given opportunity to excel beyond what they thought was possible. Our primary focus is to create intelligent, healthy, happy and well-rounded children. The school has set standards for itself by being one of its kind in the tri-city.

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Best English Medium School in kashipur


The school offers subjects such as English, Hindi, Mathematics/Computer Applications, Social Science,Painting, Information Technology.

  • The key focus of the school has been on:
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    Quality education is the one that provides all learners with capabilities they require to become economically productive ,develop sustainable livelihood.

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    Keeping in view, the global concerns of the environment degradation, various activities have been designed to promote conservation of natural.

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  • English Medium School in kashipur


    Our curriculum is designed with the objective to constructively ignite the young students’ minds and positively navigate their vibrant energy.

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    We also firmly believe in creating an atmosphere for collaborative learning; wherein our students grow with interaction with the outside world.

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